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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SAAB Support Convoy 3rd Anniversary

The slovak and czech (moravian) fans organised a convention for the 3rd Anniversary of SAAB Support Convoy. The place was Lednice, a beautiful town in southern Moravia and a part of the Unesco Heritage. Lednice is a one of the favorite places of me and my girlfriend for the convertible rides. In summer of course.

While sitting in the plane returning from our vacation I couldn't be there. But after getting an OK to publish some photos of my friends, here they are.

Notable things : 45-50 Saabs came, many generations and models. Also present were the auctioned 9-4X and originally Victor Muller's 9-5 NG.

Photos : © Kerim79 / and Puki / Puppy Hunters Saab Club

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