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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Saab Support Convoy 3rd Anniversary

The Saab Support Convoy in 2010 was a worldwide event of Saab enthusiasts to show how many we are and an appeal to GM not to close Saab. Since than many things happened, most of them very unfortunate.

The slovakian Saab Support Convoy 3rd anniversary organised by Saab Club Slovakia and will be a joint Slovakian and Czech event on 20.1.2013.

At the moment this is only a heads up and save the date, there is no place and agenda announced. This will come soon and will be somewhere between Bratislava and Brno, outside of the highways. 

The sources of informations are : Saab Club Slovakia and 

Unfortunately for me is this event too late, at that time I will be on the long planned trip to the other side of the planet. Hopely with some Saab photos with palm trees ...

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