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Monday, January 14, 2013

New SAAB logo and visual identity

NEVS has unveiled a new SAAB logo and parts of the visual identity. It was made public through a press release on the current NEVS website.

Also there is a new website coming,, which currently shows part of the visuals and will be updated soon. 

So what's new : 

The SAAB logo. It will be used on certain product parts including wheel hub covers and bonnet. The color will be silver against a white circular background. Right now we see a grey logo, reminding on the classic 900 logo. The wording stays, the font as well.

The visuals. There will be different visuals for the four seasons and respective road conditions. Right now it's winter in Sweden, so there is a snowy visual combined with Aurora borealis.

Also the NEVS logo is new. Similar to the SAAB logo, only the name NEVS in a nicely chosen and a sans serif font is the whole logo.

The design made by Stockholm Design Lab AB reminds on the older visuals of SAAB. The griffin as well as the aircraft parts are missing in the logo. The website visuals is too fresh and not complete to comment, but the trend is to see - very modern and kind of minimalistic. Actually in comparison with the current NEVS site it looks much better. Several levels better.

Things are moving. Hopely in the right direction. Under the given circumstances.

edit : reader Martin pointed out, that the logo is simillar to the Saab 99 logo and sent a nice photo :

 ... and the new logo reminds a bit on this 96 emblem on the C- pillar. It's a different font but the appearance is there :

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