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Friday, January 4, 2013

A Saab or a Holden ?

This circulates on the internet. It's not a photoshop and has a Holden engine. Well, the V6 in my convertible is a Holden as well.

source : Hsv & Holden Garage facebook page


  1. Kind of has GM styling all over it. If you look at the rear window surround, it even looks a little Chevy Avalanche and the front 1/4 side vent looks a little Corvette like. In the flat black color, this is the best photo of this that I have seen. It doesn't look Saab like at all to me but if they were going for different, I guess they nailed it. Wonder if this ties into the idea of bringing the El Camino back or not? I'm not a fan but this does remind me of that Ausie vehicle that Swade liked so much.

    1. I would be interested to see the front parts ...

    2. sent you an email with the fronts of both the Chev and Holden.