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Friday, December 21, 2012

Saab Independence Edition dashboard arrived

You might remember a post about the Hirsch interior from the summer. Due some miscommunication, this wasn't the right one. But no drama here, it's already installed at a friends Saab 9-3 convertible. The issue was, that after 2006 Saab changed the dashboard, not only in amount of buttons but also in dimensions.

Today arrived the right one ! I've became a proud owner of the Independence Edition dashboard remaining from the unfinished special series of convertibles. It was most probably one of the last pieces available. It's a Hirsch, but without the logo.

When the large box came, it caused a fight between our two cats, because both wanted to jump on the box and enjoy the panorama of our apartment at the same time :) But everything finished fine, both did it somehow. I assume the installation through the holiday season is still open. I admit not to have enough skill and patience to do that. Let's see.

btw. before it landed here in Bratislava, Slovakia, it took three flights around half of Europe : Stockholm - Paris - Koln - Vienna. I will never understand these logistics wizardry and can only guess, that there wasn't a direct flight, so it had to wait for some regular cargo flights. However the web-tracking was nice.

I'd like to kindly thank all the friends who helped me to get this piece. I really appreciate !


  1. where did you buy it ..

    1. friends helped ... this piece was at ANA originally

  2. These dashboards really are beautifully made,I love mine. Same here though, I thought it had the small Hirsch monogram on it, but it didn't, I have it on the gear surround though.

    Be great to see it fitted.

    1. IE doesn't has the monogram, the optional Hirsch had it. I am searching for the gear surround as well. That would be one of two missing pieces together with the glovebox decor. I have the door handles, which will be installed together with the dashboard.

      Like a Warcraft quest :)