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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Saab Automobile Parts AB expands in Europe

Positive news after a time.

Saab Parts expands and is starting subsidiaries in Germany, France, Switzerland and Denmark. The subsidiaries continue to sale and distribute Saab Genuine parts in Europe which is an important part of the future strategy. A few days ago, there was an announcement about their expansion also to Finland and Denmart.

For us in central Europe it means easier and faster access to parts. Also cheaper ? Who knows.

Does it means something to NEVS ? With their evaluation of a possible 9-3 restart definitely yes. A network of spare parts is very important. And if the the evaluation would have a positive outcome, it would be also a great message for Saab Parts. A win-win partnership.

Just let the BMW engines be in the new 9-3 please.

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