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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Possible 9-3 restart

Saabsunited reported, that NEVS, the new owner of Saabs evaluates a possible restart of the Saab 9-3 with a combustion engine. One of the major reasons for this step should be, that it was possible to hire back significant part of Saabs production staff and the result of this evaluation depends on readiness of the parts suppliers, customer demand and dealer capabilities.

Also the next reason is to use the production plant. It must cost horrible money to buy a production plant which doesn't produce anything.

This message opens more questions than it actually informs. 

As many things at Saab in the past, this is an extremely complicated task to accomplish. Some of the parts suppliers are refocused or gone already, so new must be find. The dealer network is the same.
A big unknown in the plan is the engine, either Saabs own (is there still any ?) or a contracted engine.

But the most important is the customer demand. Even if everything from the production, sales and marketing side would be accomplished, will someone buy these Saabs ?

The answer on that question is a fortune worth. I have no idea, how NEVS wants to find it. If they find a wrong answer, it can harm the whole EV plan and things that may come later.

The developments around Saabs bankruptcy and purchase by NEVS teached the Saab fans in patience and stoic calmness in many cases. So this kind of breaking news will raise the eybrows of many but the reaction overall may not reflect the real intention to buy in case it really would come.

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