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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Maptun upgrade installed

My Saab reached 100.000 km and the circumstances were good for an upgrade. So after a short e-mailing with Maptun two boxes came and were installed some days ago. Here are the first feelings.

The more visible new part is the Maptun steering wheel. It is thicker and softer than the original one. It fits very well into the hands. My fear, that the rugged structure will be a hurdle in smooth steering was not confirmed at all. It is a nice piece which found its home in the cockpit basically immediately.

Also I had the luck, that the service here had black steering controls which are looking much better in this combination than the chrome ones.

The less visible but very important upgrade was the front strut brace again from Maptun. Since the convertible doesn't has a fixed roof, the chassis got torque steering at fast acceleration in some situations. For example, when you enter a fast road and don't want to slow the cars behind you. Or while overtaking a slower vehicle on a country road. These were places where the car started to "dance". The strut brace eliminated it completely.  The car is much more stable, feels more robust and drives more smooth. As it would be from one piece of metal. Unexpected and a nice surprise.

Hopely it's not the end. Something more is still in plan. Let's see how this works out.

edit : oh yes and if you're in doubts how to hold the steering wheel properly, check this :

 source : gamespot forum


  1. Next step for future -> Powerflex silentblocks.
    Got it on my "Lars Svenson" and i love it.

    (My english is horrible... i know and i dont care ;) )

    1. powerflex bushings were not recommended by our serviceman and it seems it's not necessary anymore

  2. i know, i give him same question and become same answer.

    it work´s :)
    (stability in high speed and cornering are like "from another planet")

  3. I'm a mix of farmer and race-driver :)
    Looks much better steering wheel. I like to keep my cars stock but if I upgrade I would go for something similar.

    1. I'm mom and farmer :) It's definitely worth it. After a while I love it. It was a bit risky thing, but I do not regret a second.