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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Upgrade !

My Saab recently arrived to the 100.000 km mark on the odometer. Since there were no serious faults, he deserves a reward. So an upgrade from Maptun is coming. Because the software is from  Hirsch and it works great, no chip this time.

But the chassis gets in some situations torque steering. Answers from forums how to improve this are saying two things : harder bushes from Powerflex and a strut brace. I am afraid a bit of the bushes and it wasn't very recommended by the trusted service technician. But the strut brace shouldn't bring any potential damage with itself.

Yes, it could be bought from a garage master in the next service. But I wanted a branded one, so Maptun was the choice. It looks very professional.

Another thing which comed was equally if not more important. A Maptun steering wheel ! It's massive and feels fantastic in the hand, a very comfortable kind of softness. I love it even not mounted yet, this will be a major thing.

Two boxes came via UPS, very professional packaged and another remarkable thing was - they are both very light, together 6 kg. That's nothing.

The communication with Maptun was very professional, quick and everything was gone very smoothly. After a not very good experience with some other seller this was a refreshing thing. Thank you Fredrik.

I can't wait to have it mounted. Soon.

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