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Sunday, October 21, 2012

The World Map of Saab

Entry number 60 arrived. A bit more Saabs, because on some pictures are more than one. There are several very interesting Saabs in suprising conditions like the norwegian Saab 99 woith just 23.000 km or the Saab 96 V4 with just 56.000 km.

Also there are some locations like Tokyo, Minsk or Belfast, where you don't come every day at all. Two of them are actually between the borders of countries, inside the Eurotunnel and on a small ferry between Austria and Slovakia.

And yes, some of the photos are really nice captures and it doesn't matter wether they are taken by a pro Leica or an iPhone. Each of them has it's own spirit. To name a few examples, the one from Paris, the swiss convertible or the SportCombi from Leicester.

I'd like to thank to all of you sending pictures and encourage everyone who would like to have a picture on the map to send it. They're great captures of moments showing, that the Saab family is alive and kicking. According to some sources, there are one million Saabs on the streets. Thank you.

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