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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saab Meeting Bayerischer Wald 2012 part 2

After seeing more materials from the Saab Meeting from the Saab Meeting in Bavarian Forest 2012 some ideas and thoughts are coming to my mind.

There are enthusiasts with energy to invent and organise Saab conventions without help or at least with "sticker" of a large official fanclub or a large website. An attendance on a large event like IntSaab or SU Oktoberfest is an awesome experience but these more local events with very personal atmosphere are making the immense important "network" between the heavyweight pillars of the community. This network is essential to hold the fanbase together. The recent Saab Session Slovakia is next of these events and there are dozens of others for sure.

The fanbase of Saab is imho an underestimated phenomenon. Therefore steps and plans of NEVS are sometimes really hard to understand. Yes, money, investments, business plans, forecasts, landing costs, margins, future considerations etc etc. It's easy to omit the "installed base".

Three days long Saab convention, consisting of joint drives, visiting interesting places learned and shared by the locals and knowing each other at the evenings. Very stylish (girls) Saabs, picturesque ambient and new ideas how to upgrade the baby in the garage. This was Saab Meeting in Bavarian Forest 2012. The oldest Saab was the Saab 92b from 1955, the youngest from 2008. 53 years difference. In between a beautiful Sonnett II, classic 900's and a presentation of 9-5 NG in Furth in Wald.

There are plans for organising the event next year. It should be October 2013. And if the circumstances allows it, Saabism will be there.

A selection of the photos :

There are more pictures from the 2012 meeting.

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