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Sunday, October 14, 2012

NEVS and Saab Parts start parts production on Monday

One of the breaking news prepared for Saabsunited Oktoberfest makes smiles on the faces of many of the Saab owners and freaks.

Reported by Saabsunited, in a presentation, Mattias Bergman from NEVS announced, that NEVS and Saab Parts agreed that Saab Parts can use the production tools for parts production, which were bought by NEVS as a part of the Saab deal.

There are more than 1 million Saabs rolling on the streets today.  The start of the production is  Monday, 15.10.2012.

This step seemed to be logical and making sense, however there is never 100% certainty in this kind of "expected agreements" how they turn out in reality.

For us, the Saab drivers that means better access to spare parts and quicker delivery. Maybe it also means some more jobs in Trollhattan.

This is really good news.

source : Saabsunited

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