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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Car photography : how to make a better picture of your Saab

While coming across a really cool Saab photo on the internet, did you ever felt a desire to be able to shot such a photo by yourself ? You might think, these pictures are taken by a professional in an atelier with an expensive equipment. Sometimes you are right. However a lot of fan pictures are high quality as well and their authors aren't visual gurus, but just people like you. They just have a bit more knowledge how to use a camera and a little bit more practise.

There is a nice online workshop on car photography. It's a part of a campaign for the new Photoshop (CS6) and Lightroom, but crafted very useful and in this case targeted to all of us who love to photograph our cars.

The video below is a part of the workshop and is giving a few hints on the topic. They are mainly technical nature and requires to have a DSLR camera or at least a camera with manual modes. It's shot in an atelier, but the hints are valid for outdoor shooting as well.

It doesn't make you an expert in 10 minutes, but after trying some techniques in the next photoshooting opportunity will definitely improve your skills. And - practice is the king :)


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