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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Update 1 : På Taket Saab 96 at Red Bull Rapids

Our amphibian Saab 96 is progressing to the final stage. Time is running out, new issues to solve are appearing. Late evenings are spent with the Saab model. Working on smoothing of the surface again and again. Today are the real stability on water tests.

Another set of considerations is the one minute "circuss" while coming to the water and launch the På Taket on the water. Since we don't know, where in the sports area will be the platform of start on the water, so we were there to look. And guess. There seems to be only two possibilities, but maybe we are completely out of the real plans. If yes, than improvisation will come.

Also some flyer work was done, to explain what  På Taket means and why the name. The short story around is imho a strong one.

When the Saab freaks come together. Two more Saabs aren't in the picture. Six Saabs together.

Still too clean

Saint Saab. The original, but scratched idea for the wheels.

Final stage soon

A really sporty silhouette

Smoothing the surface

Public Relations

Half Life

Work until deep in the night. The colour is there.

Note : I have to find out, how to make image galleries / lightbox in the blog post. This is getting too far. Of course there is no time for that. Right now even not in the evenings. A task for the near future.

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