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Monday, September 10, 2012

Saab Session Slovakia 2012

I'd like to bring to attention the Saab Session Slovakia 2012, an event hosted and organised by the Saab Club Slovakia and a couple of friends. It is not a local event "only", but the intend is to bring together fans from other countries as well, mostly the neighbouring ones. Everybody is welcome. It is the first "edition" and the Saab Club hopes to start a tradition.

There are already registered a couple of people from Slovakia and Poland.

The date is 12-14. October 2012 and the place are the wonderful hills of Mala Fatra (Little Fatra). If the weather plays with Saab, these hills are in autumn simply beautiful, playing with all the colours when the nature prepares for the winter. The program contains a joint tour in the countryside, a historic forest railway drive, a visit of an outdoor museum with traditional slovak wooden houses as well as a couple of other things.

You can read the complete program, registration and all the necessary information in english.

You can also confirm your attendance on the facebook event Saab Session Slovakia 2012.

Despite the fact, that I'm a member of a different, unofficial and independent The Puppy Hunters Saab Club, this event is a Saab event, so my little help here is a  certainty for me.

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