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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reality check : in a search for a good 9-5

Life circumstanes are steering me towards another Saab to the family. An everyday Saab, useful and enjoyable at the same time. A good service is around, a fair budget as well. Good. So a Saab configuration should come. After seeing so many Saabs I know exactly what I want.

It should be a used Saab 9-5 Aero Combi (wagon) around MY2005 (no Dame Edna), a 2.3 liter petrol. Manual transmission and different, than the standard grey dashboard - wooden or the Arc. Good condition, trustful history and fair price. After a Saab lover would be a big bonus. Location : LHD Europe, somewhere, from where the transport wouldn't cost a fortune (DE, NL, BE etc. SE as an option).

Problem ? They seem not to exist. While heating up the obvious websites, this combination seems to be gone. Local (SK, CZ) sources are dry. International websites (mobile, autoscout) as well.

Someone told me, that it will not be better and it might be true. An NG 9-5 is too expensive and no combi. A 9-3 ? I have one and want to try something else. Also some heretic ideas comes to my mind ...

Any ideas where else to look for ? Comment section or PM is open. Thanks a lot.

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