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Friday, September 21, 2012

Lost in time

This photo circulated over the blue social network. Besides the photo is cute and rare, the nice thing is, that its author found it and responded : "I took that picture at the Gistad Saab Swap meet in the early 90´s. Had one of those pedal cars when I was a kid :-)"

The photo was done in the analogue era and scanned in the digital. It doesn't happen too often, mainly because authors of old pictures are not very keen to join these supermodern webs. The reasons are to be respected as well as understood, but because of this so much unique pictures, manuals and stories would be and will be lost in time. 

One may think "good so, it's past". But on the other hand, more of this kind of pictures would make many people happy. I'm not speaking about Saabs only nor about social networks ...

Therefore great job Martin B. and we're looking forward for unscanned pics from your collection :)

src : Save Saab Museum fb page

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