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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wheels of IntSaab 2012

The choice of another set of wheels for my Saab is constantly running around in my mind. Before IntSaab, there was a large dose of conservativism in it, means genuine Saab wheels only. IntSaab 2012 changed that. Despite of the event itself had as usual much bigger accent on classic Saabs, the newer car owners were much more liberal in wheels choice against from what I've seen before. Well, individualism and Saab are good fitting together.

My current rims are 17" Aero ALU74 5-spoke split (12771524). It seems they are also quite rare.

The new wheel choice is to handle with the highest level of cautiousness to not to destroy the look. So it will take some time to mature before the order. So currently I'm drilling through pictures and forums, when the time allows it. Maybe I will end at genuine Saab wheels again, i don't know.

Below is a collection of 86 wheels from IntSaab 2012. Click on the picture to see full resolution [2000 x 1320 px].


  1. Gorgeous montage, after I did one for the High Mile Club, I planned to do one of Saab grilles, but love this, excellent.

    1. please do the grilles montage ! yours will be a again masterpiece for sure.

      and welcome back from the Iberian peninsula :)