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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hirsch leather interior upgrade soon

One of the things I am bringing back from IntSaab is the leather dashboard as well as door handles. They will come soon on my Saab. Since I find parts of the original dashboard a bit too plastic, especially around keys for roof and night panel, this new dashboard cover is a significant upgrade for me. The door handles will correspond to it very well.

I am very happy about this, looking forward to have it mounted and would like to send a big thanks to the person which helped me to get them. 

There are more things which I would like to upgrade, but many of them are not available anymore or I don't know where to find them. First of all the aluminium cover around the gear console, the alu part on the glovebox and maybe the seat frame covers. Well let's see.


  1. Oh yes, this will look stunning on your convertible, I love mine. Look forward to seeing it all fitted.

  2. Where did you fint that?! :D

    1. a friend found (outside of internet) and gave an echo ...