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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Black matte Saab ?

Everybody has seen it on the street. Mostly on eye-catching cars. Many, who think about the car seriously, were considering it. Most said no.

Including myself, but sometimes it drills it me, how my Saab 9-3 would look like with a matte black foil. There are a few, real as well as virtual.

Here are some, make your opinion by yourself :

A black matte Saab 9-3 SC.
Source and more photos : cardomain

A black matte Saab 9-3 SportSedan. Very nice work, it has a carbon hood. I love the wheels.
Source and more photos : you!photography [scroll a bit down].

The known 9-3 SRT10 Megapower with Viper V10 engine, with 600 HP and 720 NM of torque.
This is awesome and the matte finish makes completely sense.

source : zatzy, [project start, finished pics]

source : cardomain

And a virtual one :

Details by side, it's too much. Author admits attention ****ing, so he knows what he's doing.   
source : murillodesign@deviantart

I will stick with my jet black paint as it is. Rather looking for a skilled workman, who could mask the scratches from stones. Not easy to find here.

As said, make an opinion by yourself. The comments section is open.

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