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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A small update

There are things going on in the Saab survival drama. But drilling repeatedly in the news and guessing the developments makes less and less the sense to me. Anyway nobody will shout the reality on the web before it actually happens.

So in the meantime I've tried to improve the look of Saabism. An attempt to achieve a more clean look. It goes slowly and is a challenge for my coding skills from the stone age of the internet.

But it's also fun, when the result is as intended. So I'd like to point your attention to the two customised  buttons - the search and the language selector, both in the upper right corner of the page. Such small changes will appear in the future.

Also, the blog should load a bit quicker. Some of the pictures were stored in Dropbox, which is a great and very handy cloud service, but for different use. They are now stored in a more appropriate place.

August is coming to the end, right now here are very delightful evenings ideal for a short cabrio drive. Or a walk around the city as recently. Despite of many strange things I like my home city Bratislava, especially places around the Danube river a lot.


  1. Looking great, the difference is always in the detail.

    I'd like to have my 900 convertible over there right now, mind you, I did catch a glimpse of deep blue sky this evening here in the UK, maybe tomorrow I can have the roof down.

    Looking forward to more changes to Saabism.

    1. Thank you. It's a little hell to just code it or copy and customise, but the results are far better than the standard ones. Actually I'm pretty proud of it :)

      Your weather forecast says something about just at the edge of the "convertible weather". Doable ...