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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Music for Cabriolets : Longital - Von von

This is not a typical music for cars, but convertibles aren't typical cars also. Longital, one of the most interesting slovak bands, plays a subtle music focusing on atmospheres, their music is rather minimalistic, sometimes experimental, they are seekers. When the mood is right, Longital's music is great in the car, it flows and has the power to drag you into this flow, giving an additional dimension to the drive without distracting from the road.

Longital is a duo, Daniel on guitar, Sina on bass, both singing plus a bit of electronics. They are regulary playing all around Europe and from time to time in the U.S.. They love to travel with trains.

The video for their track Von von (means Outside) recently won the first price on Formula Mundi Filmfest in the category Art / Experimental / Generative.

Direction and animation: Eva Delincakova.

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