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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Map of Saab

It's always a great feeling to see a Saab, while away from home. You come to a foreign city and see, that there are people with the same passion as you have. Than it stops to matter from which era the Saab is. It's a Saab.

As many others I take pictures of spotted Saabs as well as of mine on the road.. There are many of these pictures circulating or just sleeping in the computers. It's a pity when they sleep, isn't it ?

Therefore I'd like to try to create a world map of Saabs. A rather simple one. Each photo has it's own placemark. Right now, they are coming from me and a couple of friends. 

Take a look at the map and the pictures

Would you have your Saab or a spotted Saab on the map as well ?

Send a picture and name the location where it is taken. I will add it to the map. It's so simple. The target is to get the map crowded. If you wish to clean the numberplate, just write it.

Larger map

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