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Sunday, July 1, 2012

41 degrees Celsius

Tropical temperatures arrived and the majority complains. As usual. At -20°C everybody cries a river for summer, when it's here, than it's too hot. So what, it's summer. Buy a convertible :) If you don't want a Saab, there are tons of others used with good price on the market.

An ideal temperature for me is 25 - 30°C, these day there are 36-38, which is a bit too much. But no special tragedy. Except you let the car for 10 minutes in the sun and than it looks like this :

If I could choose between -20 and this, I would definitely go for this.


  1. Me too, but I think I'd need the roof up and the excellent aircon on. By the way, did you ever try that waterproofing out on your hood?

    1. i survived without aircon, windows down, the wind is not that hot. Waterproofing : i recall the discussion, i've bought another fluid at a saab dealer in Germany, but didn't applied it in spring (new job - new stress), so I have to wait now until autumn.