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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


In my recent job I am travelling quite a lot around central and eastern Europe. The driving parts unfortunately not in a Saab but it is always a pleasure to meet one on the road and after a time one becomes a feeling where most Saabs are. It looks like it's Prague and Warsaw. 5-7 Saabs a day.

This was my first time in Bucharest, Romania, so I was very curious about how many Saabs I will encounter. The result is 4, the newest one in the facelift until 2007. The traffic is very hectic there, so I really don't know if I would dare to drive a new Saab there. Locals are most probably used to it.

There is also a Saab Club Romania facebook page, a nice one.

Looking forward to go there again, Bucharest surprised me a lot. 

And this is the newest Saab seen while sitting in a taxi to the airport with the camera prepared to hunt :)

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