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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Youngman is out of the battle for Saab

That's came out today on Dagens Industri, the swedish economic newspaper. The negotiations with the chinese company, a hot candidate to be the new Saab owner, have been stopped.
"The reason that Youngman's out of the negotiations is that the administrators feel uncertain about the payments that are controlled by the Chinese bureaucracy and that they can take a long time,".

Also there are news saying, that the negotiations with the second hot candidate Mahindra & Mahindra aren't so intensive as they should be and that another new player is in the game : a chinese consortium consisting of a car and a battery company. They aim to build hybrid cars, projected volume around 100.000 units annualy.

One has to be careful with these informations. DI is known of spreading speculations and sometimes uncofirmed news around.

But the green / hybrid direction appears again and again. It doesn't matter if it's BAIC or someone else, green is modern these days as well as a huge business. It is supported in government circles. Also some realism appears in the switch from pure electric to hybrid cars.

The article mentions efforts of Volvo to establish partnership with the unnamed chinese consortium, however they are most likely not to be interested to buy Saab Parts AB, the spare parts company of Saab.

No word about GM, which has to say approve the deal.

We still have to wait, how the whole thing turns out. I'm a bit tired of waiting. But nothing else remains.

Credit : Saabsunited

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