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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Saab article in the latest Speed magazine

In the Czech version of the May 2012 issue of Speed magazine is a 4-pager about Saab called "The northern tragedy". Below you can find scans of it.

For all of you who doesn't understand czech or similar language, a large part is about Saab history naming models and technical innovations. Also it briefly states what happened after GM wanted to close Saab, the story with Spyker, PangDa and Youngman from the last year.

It also states very clearly that GM is the main reason for all the recent troubles, because it didn't understood Saabs at all. The original idea was to buy Saab with the same strategy of luxury brand like Toyota - Lexus and Nissan - Infiniti, but instead of bringing real new models, it tried to cheat customers with Vectra in another coat, even if Saab 900-II shared only 1/3 of the parts (and had completely different spirit). Also there are very valid words, that GM didn't understood Saabs customers at all and couldn't offer them a reason to buy the GM-Saab.

The article ends sad, saying : 
"The loyal, enthusiastic and somehow rich customers are gone. New ones doesn't exist and even if the production would be restarted, the customers wouldn't risk. The reputation is gone, the trust is destroyed. Only memories remain.".

Looking at the Saab blogs and discussion forums, i disagree in some extent. I would go for the new Saab 9-5. Definitely, the Saab restart will be hardcore. But with a good car, even if only one model, the new owner could make it. Well, if there is enough will and a reasonable business plan. There is still hope.

Click on each picture to get a readable size. If your monitor is too small, download it. The actual sizes are large enough. 

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