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Monday, April 9, 2012

Heavy products arrived

I waited for some time for two new things, the first is really nice to have, the second is necessary.

Firstly the book Saab 99 and 900, The Complete story. The content seems to be after a short time spent with it a very interested reading. For sure a good gift for a Saab enthusiast. Bought on Amazon.

Secondly my front break discs need to be changed. They have 90.000 km and on one of the recent drives I've got a small stone between the disc and the pad, which carved a circle into the disc and disappeared. The pad is OK, but the disc is gone. Bought at Neobrothers.

It's a real heavy product, which our two cats had to test out. So both tried what a sleep on Saab brake discs tastes like. As everything new at home and as always a small check out for some minutes. Afterwards most of the new artefacts are being ignored. Especially the static ones.

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