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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Saab Museum Trollhättan reopens 24.3. - pictures #4

At least some good news in this quiet times about what will happen with Saab. The saved Saab Museum im Trollhättan will be again opened at 24.3.2012. At least a part of the cars will be again accessible by the public. Again a great thanks goes to all who were involved.

You can read about the complete collection of the Saab Museum in this link [pdf]. I recommend to download it, such links often like to dissapear. This link is coming from the Save Saab Museum blog.

I'd like to go to the opening, but unfortunately can't. Too many things are going on in my private life and I have to be close to the home.

But for this occasion I'd like to publish the 4th and last part of my collection of the Saab Museum photos, taken in October 2011. I hope you like them.

In case you didn't see the other parts, here they are : part #1, part #2 and part #3.

Saab 96B, built 1966

Last version of Saab 90, built 1987

Caterina, built in 1965 by the team led by Sixten Sason. One of the predecessors of the Sonnett
Saabo, the caravan (1967), look inside through the window

One of the noble Saab 900 convertibles, built 1986. I want one !

Saab Aero X concept, unveiled 2006
Saab Aero X concept, another view.
Saab 9-3 II naked
The Saab bike
A very early Saab 900 V6, test car
Saab 99 EMS, built 1974
Saab Turbo X detail. In the reflection 9-3 II Convertible Anniversary Edition
Aero X detail

That's it. If you liked the pics, there are 3 more series : part #1, part #2 and part #3.

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