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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saab in movies : Wrong by Quentin Dupieux

A very nice yellow Saab 900 classic appears in the new movie from the french electronic musician and director Quentin Dupieux called Wrong. The movie is mostly for club cinemas and I cannot wait to see it, not only for the Saab. One of his previous movies Rubber was great :)

If this is the Monte Carlo Yellow very popular on classic 900 convertibles, like this. It could be, so if you know it for sure, the discussion below the blog post is the best place to confirm for the others.

Some resources : 

Movie poster :

Wrong (2012) movie poster

For high resolution version (4050 × 6000), click here.

Saab 900 of Wrong (2012)
The trailer :

Wrong (2012) on

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