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Monday, March 26, 2012

Music for Cabriolets : Urban Species - Blanket ft. Imogen Heap

The deep and subtle song Blanket is a result of a collaboration between the great, mostly acid jazz band Urban Species and successful talented singer Imogen Heap. A wonderful tune for many situations, in context of music for cabriolets, it is excellent for cruising or stopping by for a moment.

Excellent track, isn't it ? Imho it's so strong, that it leads you away from thinking about styles or genres or wether it is pop, alternative or whatever else. It's just a very strong song.

There is also a live version available, as well as a version performed by Imogen Heap with Jeff Beck. It's great, but especially in this case I think, Urban Species's minimalistic approach wins. Pure personal opinion.

While searching around the song, it was a great pleasure to find out that Urban Species are preparing their third album. It seems they moved all their online appearance here to facebook. Looking forward for the album.

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