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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mahindra may loose interest to takeover Saab because of GM

One of the interested parties Mahindra & Mahindra recently speaks about possible withdrawing of their proposal for taking over Saab. The reason is GMs stubborn resistance and active effort in prevention of the Saab rebirth.

It is not a surprise, that GM will not license their IP of the current models 9-4X and 9-5 to anyone. The IP for 9-3 stayed open and there are reportedly ways to build 9-3s without GM. These are the challenges which a possible new owner of Saab would face. One can understand GM's standpoint, they own the IP, but to not license it means, that GM see Saabs possible reincarnation as a threat. The other, much simpler motivation would be, that GM wants burry another proof of their incompetence.

There are two different scenarios ahead for the Saab administrators. The first is to sell it as a whole (Youngman, Brightwell Holdings, Mahinda & Mahindra ...) or to sell it in pieces (Volvo, BAIC, e-car consortium ...). If Saab will be sold in pieces, this means the end. So this would be also the target of GM. also writes, that all the proposals for Saab now are indicative only. Let's wait if this is true or not.

... and yes, let's hope, these are rumours only ...

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