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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bids for Saab are coming

Two things are happening right now. The first one is extremely important. According to various sources the chinese company Youngman-Lotus has placed a bid for Saab some days ago. This is inline with the informations, that the Youngman delegation arrived on Monday to Sweden. No other details are known yet.

There is nothing publicly known about other bids, but this doesn't mean, they were not placed. Brightwell signed a confidentiality agreement with the receivers, so even if they would place a bid, it would stay confidential.

Another bidding for Saabs, but of a quite different kind, is going on right now in an electronic auction. According to Saabblog, there are 1400 Saabs which were either company cars of Saab employees or on stock in various places. 25 of them can be now auctioned. Some really nice pieces are there and everything close to new.

Only an authorised reseller can attend that auction but if someone is interested, the dealer would attend for him for sure. You can view the auction here.

Things are moving.

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