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Saturday, January 14, 2012

We are many, we are Saab : events in Slovakia and Austria.

To see 100 Saabs in one day is here in the middle of Europe not a common thing. Different was the situation at the worldwide series of Outside-Saab events. Bratislava and Vienna were the places I've chosen to go.

Bratislava was for me a very nice surprise. Some people were saying about 45 cars, imho there were more. Many new faces but many Saabs, which I've seen in the streets through the year. Mainly newer Saabs, but also some older babies. A nice surprise was also the meeting with old friends from The program was simple : meeting, convoy to the Devin castle, fotosession, convoy to Danube and again foto session.

Sorry for the long post, the blogspot engine behaves sometimes very crazy. 

Some pictures (click on them to see larger size) :


The austrian part was at the Saab Oberlaa dealership. A nice event, 53+ cars. The dealer opened for us the shop and offered some tea. The cold wind outside was crazy. They have new Griffins on display. Again many people from the austrian Saab club. Thanks a lot for inviting us. Hopely we doo together in summer again a drive.

Again some pics :

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