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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saabs receivers press conference outcome : no breaking news

Saab PhoeniX, one of the key weapons in Saabs fight for survival
Only a few news came today out at the press conference of the Saab receivers Anne-Marie Pouteaux and Hans L. Bergqvist in Göteborg.

Important is, that they confirmed the interest of several parties in buying Saab as a whole package and in continuity of Saab as a brand. Also very important is the claim of the administrators, that their aim is to sell Saab as a whole.

Until now published interested parties are chinese Youngman, turkish Brightwell Hodlings and also, and this is new, an unnamed swedish company. Also a combination of them seems to be a possibility.

Establishing (evaluation ?) of all Saabs assets is not yet completed. And the clock is ticking, money is running out.

That is the reason for decision to sell cars in the Saab Museum. they received 500 bids, no decision made yet and it should be expected within 2 weeks. This is a very sad par of the story, but let's see, what happens and if we ever get knowledge of the winners.

According to the Save Saab Museum blog one of the bidders is the dutch Louwman museum in Den Haag, which is the world’s oldest private collection of motor cars. They are bidding for the Ursaab. Another Ursaab bidder is the Swedish National Museum. Another very important bidder is the swedish Innovatum Technology Park,  a development centre doing research projects and inspirational activities based in Trollh√§ttan.

Well if time and money are running out, we will know the most important answers soon.

Sources :, Save Saab Museum blog

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