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Friday, January 6, 2012

Saab 9-3 convertible : folding the wind deflector

A year ago I wrote an often visited blog post about installation of the wind deflector, or windshield if you want, on my Saab 9-3 convertible. Today came a readers request to write about how to fold the deflector, when you don't use it. I found it as a good idea for the blog, so here we go :

It looks complicated at the first time, but once you do it for the first time, you will know everything. With practice you can do that in 20 seconds, maybe less.

So after you took the wind deflector out of your cool Saab, you have something like this :

Just simple fold it down to this :

Now find a mechanism which you see on the next set of pictures. It is holding both halfs of the windshield together. Everything holds on one plug. Continue as seen on the pictures : 

Now fold the upper half of the windshield :

Your are now able to fold in the same way the lower half to achieve this :
Don't do it strongly. It goes very easy, just find out how.

Now adjust the mounts. The side mounts must be together like in the picture. If you have problems to move them, you have to push the yellow part and pull the black part. A how-to picture is here

Now pack it into the case as in the pictures :

That's it. Use the brain instead of power. The wind deflector isn't a cheap thing, to break it would be a pity. I guarantee you, that after 5-6 folds you will laugh about how easy it is.

This pretty little windshield does a great service ! If you want to see how to install it, look here.

Enjoy the ride.


  1. I am the same 'Mr. Anonymous' (I put in my name but I don't have a URL).

    Great write up! Thank you for that.

    Just one question--I bought a deflector off of eBay and there seems to be a missing bolt/spring in the very center of the defector. In your write-up you mention nothing of this bolt/spring but both are required, at least from what I understand, to keep the deflector upright, and without retracting this bolt one cannot fold the deflector (or one can if he breaks the thing).

  2. Hi Viktor,
    i'm not sure if I understand fully which bolt/spring you mean, but in the center is only one which holds the deflector upright. Please look at 2 links for pictures below, showing a detail of my deflector - very center from both sides. Compare it with yours.

    picture 1
    picture 2

    did it helped ?

  3. Yes sir. That is the spring (in the first link) about which I was talking. It, the bolt, and the housing is broken off on mine so the wind deflector folds too easily. Is there anything on your wind deflector that keeps it upright aside from the bolt/spring in the middle and on each end?

  4. Nothing else holds it upright, just this bold/spring in the middle.

    Uff i know now what you mean. Normally the deflector holds upright quite stable independent of the speed. The spring could be possible to replace, but if the housing is broken hmmm ... possible return to seller.

  5. I actually stuck some plastic parts into the area behind the pins on each end of the deflector--so far it doesn't go down! We'll see how it holds up. Thanks for your pics and information!

  6. By the way, this deflector absolutely KILLS the wind; the effectiveness of this thing is amazing. I am not actually sure that I want it now in warm weather, as stupidly as that sounds.

    1. Fine, i'm glad I could help. Yes, the effectiveness of the deflector is very high. To use it or not depends on you and your speed :) My experience is, that after 80kmh the wind starts to be too strong.

      btw. warm weather ? pls where are you located ? :) here is around 0°C and less ...

  7. A wind deflector might be a smart investment for drivers, especially those who often drive in conditions that are likely to cause damage, because it can be a relatively inexpensive way to prevent expensive repairs.

  8. Hi

    I've just got a Saab convertible. Can you provide a link (manufacturer name) for the specific wind screen shown in the images. I am having a hard time find this one. The others don't fold, which i find an excellent and needed option.


    1. Hi globalnomad,

      it's genuine (original) Saab. Search for Genuine Saab 9-3 Convertible 2004-2012 Wind Deflector. Part Numbers : 12 831 370 and 32 026 001. Alternatively try keywords Wind Blocker or Windschott for german speaking sites.

      For example this one. I've found a couple of them on ebay.

      It's not cheap at all. But definitely worth it.