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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Press conference of the Saab bankruptcy lawyers on Saturday

According to Saabsunited selected media were invited for a press conference to Goteborg on Saturday, 21.1.2012.

There were several interested companies in buying Saab after the bankruptcy - the chinese Youngman, the turkish Brightwell Holding, the indian Mahindra, just to name a few. The lawyers are aiming on selling Saab as a whole.

However the whole process is running out of cash, so there are already concrete steps of selling the Saab Museum in Trollhattan out of the whole package. This is a bad sign, because the museum is an important part of Saabs culture and the automotive history. You can read more on the Save Saab Museum blog as well as on Swadeology (with list of cars for sale).

There are also critical stakeholder voices asking what exactly the lawyers are doing, why and who they are focusing at from the interested parties.

Indeed it is not clear, what is going on right now in the bankruptcy case. This might be the reason for the press conference. Or there are already some concrete things done. Probably not the biggest, what all the enthusiasts and ex-workers are waiting for (that would be public or semi-public immediately), but some update would be healthy.

Let's hope they will come at least some good news.

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