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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A new bid for Saab ? reports, that Youngman is preparing a new bid for Saab. It should be 5 billion SEK (528M EUR) for Saab and another 5 billion SEK for the development of the new PhoeniX based car on the 9-3/900NG level. This is together more than 1 billion EUR.

This news has now the status of a rumour, next hours / days should bring more light in the situation. 

It was reported by Saabsunited together with the message, that there is a workaround for the existing 9-3 models to be produced without GMs intellectual property.

That would most probably mean the end of 9-5 and 9-4X, however some voices say, this isn't necessary true.

The receivers called selected media to a press conference for Saturday. Next week Rachel Pang, CEO of Youngman should be in Sweden. With the new bid ? Who knows.

Around other interested parties in buying Saab after bankruptcy it is quiet, but Victor Muller claimed in an interview, he's trying to help the turkish potential investors Brightwell Holding.

The Saab museum is still in the same status - they sell the cars, deadline for bids is 20.1.2012, a day before the press conference.

As if the things started to move ... at least for the public.

edit :  this link : Youngman to submit SEK 5Billion Bid For SAAB - was submited just minutes ago (18:30, 19.1.2012) by ex CEO of Saab Victor Muller on his facebook fanpage.

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