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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Saab worldwide meetings 14. - 15. January 2012

In a very similar spirit as the Save Saab convoys, there will be Saab enthusiasts meetings around the world. Organised at Saab fanclubs all around. They will take place on 14. and 15. January, which is Saturday and Sunday.

There was a website created especially for this event. You can find under The site will be constantly updated with places of the events.

There is also a facebook event, a twitter account, a possibility to download posters : A4 and A3. [pdf] as well as possibility to buy stickers @ saabsunited

Why ? The organisers are writing on their website :

As we all know, the current owner of Saab had to stop the voluntary reconstruction and file for bankruptcy. This news did hit those working for the company very hard. For them Saab is their daily bread, for us, it is a brand we all love and support.
And that is the reason why we are urging you all to yet again show your support for the brand. Saab may be in very deep and murky waters, there is still an odd chance for it to survive. 
We need to show our support for the brand, we need to show everybody in the world the brand is alive and well. 

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