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Monday, October 31, 2011

Music for cabriolets : Vinyl on the road

While vinyl record players are a technology long ago overtaken by many kinds of digital players, they are still not history. DJs use them as well as audiophiles. But once this was hi-tech, so it's only logical the manufacturers attempted to use them in cars :

When this photo was shot I was in some parallel universe, so I have no clue if the car audio worked. I assume it was for singles and EP's (5-inch, 7-inch and simillar), due to the size LP's probably not. The manufacturers had somehow to overcome skipping/jumping of the gramophone needle on the roadbumps, not only because of sound issues but also a probable damage of the vinyl itself.

But this analogue implementation of a car audio is just wonderful. It seems that they tried jukeboxes as well. You can find more in an this overview as well as in the two videos below. This is wonderful !

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