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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cabrio ride hint : Trollhattan (Sweden) to west coast and back

If you ever go to Trollhattan, the Saab Mecca and stay for day or two, you will probably want to do a trip around. You'll have 2 possibilities - either go to the huge lake Vänern  or to the coast. Since I like to ocean, the choice was clear. Also someone on the Saabsunited forum advised the same.

The map :

Larger map

Depending on the time of the year, you may not start to soon in fall, because it's often foggy in the morning. In October, there was every morning fog until ~10-11:00. The picture below is from the night, but the morning wasn't different.

Trollhattan at night. Hotel room view.

Through the day, in Sweden you have to drive slowly. Even in October it was possible to take the roof down and drive a nice cabrioride. At least a part of the day.

Somewhere in Sweden

The first target is Uddevalla with a large and nice bay. Even without map somehow intuitive you can find a higher place over this bay for a stop. Than you will get this view :


If you continue on the road 151 direction coast, you will have to cross a bay with a free ferry. It stops you for a moment, but for a stranger the stop is worth. It's a bit raw around, I don't know if I'd like to go this way in deep winter. And I'm sure, this wouldn't be a place for living some 300 years ago. Now it's a bit different. The countryside around would be a perfect place for an escape from the hectic cities and all the useless mess around.

One of the free ferries around

Then the hunger comes. A local hint says : "go to Hunnebostrand, restaurant Bella Gästis". Fine, why not. Hunnebostrand is a town at the coast, at that Sunday afternoon very sleepy. The restaurant was very good.


Than the road continues as indicated on the map. Tha fall started, as I am writing  this a week after the trip, the colours must be much richer now. In Tanumshede is an entrance to E6 highway which leads back to Uddevalla and Trollhattan.

Direction back to Trollhattan

240 km, 5-6 hours incl. lunch stop. Strictly recommended.

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