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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SAAB and the power of acronyms

Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget knows every Saab fan. But what else ? Many of them have actually sites :

SAAB    Student-Athlete Advisory Board (many of them, but the linked one has a logo)
SAAB    Student African American Brotherhood (serious stuff)
SAAB    South African Association of Botanists (every metal blooms after years...)
SAAB    Space: Above & Beyond (Saabs against aliens)
SAAB    Saudi Arabian Agricultural Bank (hey guys, what about help an another Saab ?)
SAAB    Substance Abuse Advisory Board (eh yes Saab makes addictive)
SAAB    Selected And Amplified Binding (a-ny hi-tek DNA-based anti-theft stuff available ?)
SAAB    State Archives of Assyria Bulletin (4758 AD, ancient finding, ritual use. symbols unknown)
SAAB    Sustainable Agriculture Advisory Board (yes, sustain is the important keyword here)
SAAB    Student Affairs Advisory Board (uuu advisors over advisors, hopely you drive a Saab)
SAAB    Student Academic Affairs Board (growing new customers, one by one)
SAAB    Students for Asian Awareness at Bucknell (yes, we hear the asian voice, crisp and clear)
SAAB    Salvation Army Advisory Board (ok, serious stuff)
SAAB    Student Alumni Association Board (Saab is too young to die !)
SAAB    Society for American Archaeology Bulletin (4832 AD, symbols decoded as ........)
SAAB    Separate Anti-Aircraft Battalion (this is BS)
SAAB    State Association Advisory Board (yes, they wear ties for sure)
SAAB    State Administrator Advisory Board (BS again)
SAAB    South Asian Association at Brooklyn (atmosphere ?)
SAAB    South African Association of Biokinetics (biofood, biofuel fine, but biokinetics?)
SAAB    Semi-automatic Altitude Assignment Board (BS)
SAAB    Scientific Advisor to the Air Board (Australia) (BS)

source : The free dictionary

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