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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Amsterdam, the alternative Saab hive

On a recent trip I realised again, that Amsterdam is one of the places with huge amount of Saabs around. While walking on Herengracht, in probably 1 kilometer I've counted 10 Saabs parking on the street and 4 of them were convertibles. And not only that. While driving through residential areas to a visit of friends living on the edge of Amstelveen and Amsterdam I've seen many many Saabs around, very often the 9-3 I hatchbacks.

Here is the nicest Herengracht convertibles. A wet dream of many Saabists incl. myself - a 900 I convertible in top condition. Aaahhh ...

On the license plate it has the url which leads to a dutch site where many of us will spend some time. Of course they are not the cheapest. But who knows, one day ....

The second one is from one of the Q Parks and it is a clean "generations" picture. 9-3 I and 9-3 II. As many times before I realised, that the yellow dutch license plates makes cars (not only Saabs) look much better than with the white ones. Again the dutch one looked in top condition.

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