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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cabrio ride hint : from Bratislava to Lipno barrage on the side roads

This was again a combination of a convertible ride and a Saab drivers event. The guys from the czech club site Saabinfo are organising annualy an event in the camping at the Lipno barrage. It is "only" one of the community events they are doing, but I've decided with my girlfriend to go there for the weekend.

There are 3 or 4 alternative roads how to get there, no one of them is shorter than 300 km (186 miles) so it is also a good reason for a longer convertible drive. Since Janette, my girlfriend wanted to see the town of Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou because of its beautiful castle, we decided to go through it and than continue to the Lipno barrage.

Larger map

On the way there we had luck for the weather. Between many rainy days one fine day. The country roads in Czechia are mainly in good condition. Even it was friday, the roads were not crowded at all. As mentioned several times here, the southern Moravia as well as southern Czechia are just beautiful. It is a bit more rough country than for example Austria or Netherlands, where everything is nice but somehow too nice. Close to artificial. All grass and corn exactly the same swidth, everything super clean. In Czechia (and Slovakia as well) you can find many contrasts of well maintained towns or country against parts left on their own.

By the way Google Maps estimates the time outside of the highways quite well. According to Google, the drive on the map above 6 hours long, the clean driving time was 5:30 in realite. That's a good estimation.

Another thing I admire so much on the Czech Republic is, that on really very much places you can find very good food. Not only Prague, but also smaller places which you can find on such a ride. Of course one has to watch out for dirty places but still you have much bigger chance to enjoy great food than in Slovakia - a thing I am not proud of.

The beer is another story. Czech Republic is from a big part a beer country, except Moravia - which has extraordinary good wines. But all the large breweries except Budweiser (Budvar) are sold to multinational corporations and they are producing a yellow beer-like liquid sometimes called Eurobeer. People used to drink beer doesn't like that, so they are searching for beer coming from microbreweries. Hundreds of them are spreaded over Czechia. And indeed, you can often find an unknown local beer from a smaller or a microbrewery in many pubs or restaurants. I dont drink and drive, but afterwards I enjoy a good beer a lot.

The Saabinfo event was a very fine. About 20 Saabs came, some very fine pieces, around 50 people alltogether. For me it was camping in a tent after around 5 years or so. Unfortunately the weather turned to rain but that wasn't a problem. My car battery died, so we couldn't be on all the things we wanted. It would be OK, if the original batteries once they die, they die, they can't be recharded a bit anymore. This was my case, so we had to drive home. We did it. It's OK now, I've got a new one replaced. It's this one. Hopely it holds.

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