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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cabrio ride hint : Adriatic Coast

For our one week trip to Croatia we decided to make use of our convertible and drive outside the highway for a while. We choose to drive along the adriatic coast from Senj to Jesenice. It is a 130km long part of a much longer coast road.

Larger map

There are some forums saying that on the road is heavy traffic. This was true before the highway, which leads a bit more to the north, was build. The main traffic goes there. Maybe it is good to mind the road in summer on Saturdays, when the vacations starts and ends for many tourists. On this road are driving mainly locals or people which have booked something close, the rest, heading to Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik etc. drives on the mentioned highway.

We came at the start - Senj at a Saturday 8 a.m. in the morning and the traffic was low to middle, which means "some cars".

It can be one of the places, where you have the great feeling to see the ocean after a longer trip. At that day the the sea was empty, because bora ended for some time, which was great for us heading to a yacht trip. The road is mainly slow, it's a 50-80kmh (30-50 mph) drive with some places for overtake. It leads partially through the hills and the main part along the coast and small villages. Ideal for convertible or a motorbike. The 130km trip took us ~2.5hours to drive.

One important hint for planning : don't cross the border to Croatia in the night Friday - Saturday in the summer season. Or count some hours in. We were stuck in a 15km traffic jam for 3 hours in the night, in the direction from Ljubljana / Slovenia. It's natural to be used to the EU and Schengen advantages, but Croatia isn't there (EU should be by 2013, Schengen unknown) and the customs are stupidos.

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