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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Top 5 fastest convertible roofs

Altough the convertible roof speed is really not too important factor, the car makers are competing each other also in this "benchmark".

Here are the top 5 :

1. Audi TT Roadster 2010 : 9 seconds
2. Porsche Boxster : 12 seconds
3. VW New Beetle : 13 seconds
4. Mini Cabrio : 15 seconds
5. Mercedes SL : 16 seconds

My Saab has 20 seconds, which is still sure under the top 10. The speed of bringing the roof down is absolutely unimportant. For bringing it up the 20 seconds are completely enough on a red light stop on the way home to the garage. It is also enough to bring it up when it starts to rain and ehm in a convertible without roof you see the clouds much better than in a normal car.

Source : Auto, das grosse Sammelsurium

Picture : Saab meeting Roudnice nad Labem 2011, part of the cabrio corner. From the 196 Saabs 28 were cabriolets.


  1. Lets compare the comparable - SAAB 9-3 convertible is a 4-seater with fully automatic roof that is fully hidden in trunk when retracted, any other like that in the list ?

  2. ok, good point

    from the listed 4 seaters with fully hidden trunk is only Mini Cabrio.

    from youtube videos :

    Volvo c70 - 20 seconds.
    Peugeot 308 CC : 20s
    Renault Megane Cabrio : 19s
    Ford Focus : 18s.
    Opel Astra Twintop : 24s

    did I forgot something ?