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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Involuntary soft-top tightness test

On our recent trip to Vienna we encountered on a strongest storm ever I've driven in with my Saab 9-3 convertible. The rain was so strong as if someone would take a monumental water tower and throw its content multiple times on the road. Visibility maybe 20 meters, some cars were standing, for these conditions the back fogligths were o.k. (which is not in weaker rains).

Concerns about my soft-top tightness came and I remembered myself about the "1,500 liters of water is sprayed over the Convertible’s soft-top in a special chamber at the Magna Steyr production plant to check weatherproofing." mentioned in the well known text about Saab convertible testing.

Result of the tightness test : not a single drop got inside. Fantastic and my confidence of the roof in the rain is now 100%.

Here are two pictures taken by my girlfriend from that storm. The first shows the mass of water with fastest wiper speed and on the second she even catched a flash.


  1. Hi Alex, this involuntary workshop calmed me down and now I can be sure, that roof is able to survive... have a nice day!

  2. thanks :) and lets see what happens when a hail-stones "check" comes

  3. Hailstones check @ ~4-5mm for 10 minutes - DONE

    The only leaks I got when washing the roof by spraying it with water, I pointed the pressure washer over the roof and let it fall down. There were small leaks where the roof meets A-pillar and where there is a cut in the upper seal approx. in middle of front windows.


  4. hailstones are OK ? great :D ... re : the leaks -> how old is the roof on your Saab ?