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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cabrio ride hint : microregion Námešť nad Oslavou

I've decided to go for a session of a Saab (fan)club. From the website comes a very informal and funny athmosphere and indeed they are very fine people. The place of the session was not too far (160km). The second reason was, they were making something like "orientation race" where we had to find 10 different places around and answer some questions around them. The winner must drive least kilometers and has to have correct answers. Time plays no role here. Great.

The Vysočina region is a very nice area in Czechia and Moravia. Who can suggest nicer or most interesting places as local people living there ? It was indeed nice, interesting, sometimes food for thought and very changing - from places in nature up to a nuclear power plant.

So here is the map :

Larger map

This is the road we were taking, about 50 km, but the main point behind the map is to show more the microregion than a  particular road.

Some place suggestions, where to go :

1. Námešť nad Oslavou (wikipedia) is a nice old small town known for "Little Charles Bridge" and a very nice Gothic castle.

2. in Kralice nad Oslavou was the printed the oldest czech translation of the bible - Bible of Kralice (1579-1594). There is a small memorial and a museum.

3. close to Kramolín is Babylon observation tower, which is a nice walk through the woods and than view around incl. the nuclear power station Dukovany.

4. Wilsons rock (Wilsonova skala) is a place for an impressive view on the Dalešice dam a place which is a good candidate for a more days vacation. You can see the place on this map, park on "B" and the rock is on "A", well signed.

5. another place on the Dalešice dam is a barrage, worth of a short stop and photos.

6. if you are into technical stuff and big constructions, in Dukovany nuclear power station is a very interesting information center with an exhibition. As always these places force you to think about nuclear energy, it's security, alternative power sources and where the whole development of the things leads. I wouldn't be against switching down all nuclear power plants stations if we would have alternative sources which would produce enough energy without damaging the region, covering arable land and maintaining reasonable costs. That is not the case now.

It was a very nice trip and I will definitely come back to explore more. I would like also to thank the Saabunderground people for their candidness and talks, for a great organised race which teached me a lot of interesting things about the region.

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