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Monday, April 18, 2011

Cabrio ride hint : from middle Slovakia to Bratislava

On the way back home from middle Slovakia I've decided with a friend to do a cabrio ride through nearly half of the country out of the highways. The weather was great, sunny, in the hills it started around 10°C (for a Saab cabrio no problem) and than increased up to 20°C in the southern parts.

The whole road looked like this :

The 314 km long trip contains a lot of comfortable roads, nice sceneries and places. It is starting through the hills Polana heading north up to the ghaut and than down into the town of Brezno with a beautiful Low Tatras scenery with still snow in the higher areas. In this first part wasn't too much traffic and it is more for chilling ride than for higher speeds also in respect to the nature around. 

The road 66 to Banská Bystrica is a main road in a very long valley between two mountains, Low Tatras  (Nízke Tatry) and Slovak Ore Mountains (Slovenské Rudohorie). After Banská Bystrica you have to drive direction Bratislava on a highway (R1) and after ~25km turn to road nr. 525 direction Banská Štiavnica (well signed) which is one of the nicest slovak towns. Also the roads around were probably the nicest from the trip. It heads through broadleaved trees, small hills and lakes, many curves, ideal for changing chill and dynamic riding. We've seen many motorbikers enjoying the nice weather on the road as we did. This part was around 40km long and you have to head direction Levice. Through this distance the hills slowly fade away and the more you head to the south the more flatland you will see. 

After you come to Levice, go appx. 10km direction Nitra but than turn off the main road direction Šurany. You'll go through flat fields where already plants started to bloom and many trees around were cherry-trees, which bloom as the first (besides almonds more southly). This is another 40km passage with good roads for a bit quicker driving. 

After Šurany the orientation points are Šaľa, Galanta  and Senec and mainly Bratislava. You will continue through flatlands on one of the main roads in this area heading to the capital. You could alternatively go even more south and go parallel with the Danube river or even going through Komarno border cross to Hungary and continue on the hungarian side of Danube. These roads are also very nice. 

We did the whole trip in about 4 hours. Allowed speeds in Slovakia are 50km/h in town, 90km/h outside and 130km/h on highways. In case you choose a part of these roads, I would recommend the passage around Banská Štiavnica with many many nice places to visit and/or stay overnight. Have a pleasant trip.

I apologise for lower quality photos, these are just cut outs from short videos we did.

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