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Friday, March 18, 2011

Winter tyres : Dunlop Winter Sport 3D experience

The winter season is slowly coming to it's end here, so I'd like to share some experience on the Dunlop Winter Sport 3D, which I had on last couple of months.

I bought it because of good test results from ADAC and Autobild. The tested size also played a role : 225/45 R17 because it is close to my 235/45 R17. A good sum-up of several reviews and results can be found here on and is saying this :

The tyres on snow gave me feeling of security. We were driving in december 2600 km in Austria, Germany and Holland, in the time, when on many places around was heavy snowfall, partially through the night when not all roads and highways were clean at all. To overtake on snowy roads is always a tricky thing but on these tyres I didn't felt any kind of "swimming" of the car or tendence to slip at speeds around 80-100kmh. The breaking and acceleration on snow was great as well.

The same applies for wet surface incl. no aquaplaning at all. Since I am driving carefully, it shouldn't be, but on previous tyres and cars I sometimes had a feeling of "whooops aquaplaning starts".

My experience is, that immediately after changing from summer to winter tyre I always felt a bit different behaviour of the car, something like I am driving on a "pillow". On these tyres the feeling was minimal, much less than before. So on dry surface they were also excellent, I could also enjoy a bit quicker rides on dry streets outside of the city.

For a driver which doesn't risk at all, but sometimes pushes the gas pedal harder on a stronger car these tyres are perfect. After driving ~10.000km on them there is no visible sign of deterioration, so I assume they will hold at least another 3 seasons.

Recommended ? Definitely yes.

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